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How Living a Healthy Lifestyle True

04.04 - By Wunfi

How to live a healthy lifestyle that really must be a question that you often ask every related resource persons not related to health ?
This question is also what makes each person becomes curious , how can be healthy , if not healthier life patterns .
Actually the correct lifestyle is not difficult but also not easy , because each state has a different body .
There were late nights every day , but do not affect health , but there is only 1 day late nights directly experiencing fever or chills .
This is due to the durability of someone who is different .

But basically every human being must mengingikan a healthy lifestyle , it's just that they do not know how.
Here I will share the experience of how to live a healthy lifestyle is good and right according to the various sources of current health . Immediately :

1 . Regular and sufficient sleep , healthy sleep pattern is actually from 9 pm until 6 am . Because the normal hours of sleep and healthy is 8-9 hours .
If you are sleeping less or more than 8-9 hours , it would be possible you will experience something that makes you unhealthy. So remember ! ! ! enough sleep is very important .

2 . Eating healthy foods 4 perfect 5 is also a healthy diet , and at least 3 times a day .
As for the 4 healthy 5 perfect food does not need me to explain here , will be able to find out by looking at my other articles .

3 . If you are an employee , your working hours up to 10 hours , if more than the fear of your body will be susceptible to the disease because it is too excessive in its use in the work .
Because the body requires rest also to restore it back to a normal state .
If your body is not normal , so there is a chance you will be susceptible to disease .

4 . Avoid smoking , fast food , alcoholic and other beverages that can damage your organs .
5 . And in the last regular exercise , at least 3 times a week . Because exercise is important in maintaining the balance of your body and can keep your body stay in shape .

Actually there are many other healthy lifestyle , but I have described here is an outline of leading a healthy lifestyle is right , you add another stay within your daily life .
Such is the experience that I can give in the way of leading a healthy lifestyle is right , may be useful for you . And greetings healthy ..

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