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how to make catfish feed yang hebat sekalai

05.11 - By Wunfi

many farmers are complaining karenatingginya catfish catfish feed prices therefore we will give some cra to minimize catfish feed that is giving organic feed .
The difference between organic and non organic is of the type of its food and its handling . Many breeders give origin catfish feed . For that we will provide information on how to make a catfish feed from cow dung .
1 . Collect manure into a bath
2 . Combine the dirt with a bacterial enzyme silanace . This enzyme is a type of drug for the decomposition of cow dung and you can get in the farm shop nearby
3 . Let stand for five days . Take care of other debris that could damage the aeration process
4 . You will get the manure in liquid form , is no longer solid
5 . Pour this manure periodically as catfish food organic

besides d above, here I will try to provide an alternative feed , using pellets .
For practical please buy the pellets with the lowest quality and cheapest price then add VITERNA and poc , buagus result almost nobody really dead catfish , big fish body rather than the head , healthy, agile , affordable Harganyapun because these domestic product madein ngayojakarto aka , the results buagus nobody really almost dead catfish , big fish body rather than the head , healthy agile .
Or you can mensiasasti by combining marine fish feed pellet with trash .
How to use the application prod feeding Nasa .
POC Nasa , VITERNA & Hormonik . all mixed jd 1 then every gift pellets 4kg For quite mixed 1 ttp VITERNA cmpr with 1 liter of water let it soak krng lbh new 5mnt love .
The result is healthier fish and pertumbuhanya LBH LBH quickly so they can feed sparingly . I try more savory fish meat without fat pokonya look better.

if you want more practical again this cra mungkun you can choose:
For small seeds ( 20 millimeters ) by fertilizer sometimes have in this way before , , ,
1.siapkan silanace bacterial enzymes ( probiotics ) as much as 1 liter , , 2 liters of molasses mixed with 10 liters of water and mix until evenly sampaib allow 2 hours for the bacteria become active
2 , prepare a tub or pool for mnampung catfish cow dung or directly mnggunakan pond for maintenance , ,
3 , scatter manure evenly , for 1000 seed catfish memerlikan 500kg cow dung
4 , the content of water in the tub or pool with 10cm height d above the surface of the cow dung ,
5 , enter the fluid already silanace k d buwat earlier in the tub,
6 , leave for until fermentation perfect 7hari
7.kemudian pour the liquid into an evenly into the pool will use to maintain d lele.jika d process cow manure directly into the pool , the water content to the maximum , then wait samapai 3 days , after which the catfish fingerlings can enter d .

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