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Secrets of Japanese women slim down naturally and keep teasing

05.13 - By Wunfi

If we look at most Japanese women slim - trim . Very rarely do we see fat people in Japan . Then if the Japanese society hides a secret way to become slim from this world .

Apparently not ! Only we are not ever want to see it . And what are the Tips slim style of Japanese women ? This is it ! tips:

1 . fish
The Japanese women eat about 69 kg of fish per year . Replace ground meat with fish other than one way to slim .. it can also lower the risk for illness jantung.Oh yes their favorite fish is salmon .

2 . soy sauce
Japanese people are also consuming soy in large amounts . From the existing research could even up to 10 times that of other countries in the world . For the slender tips , Now you may say WOW !
Why could be a way to slim ? because soy sauce in Japanese society has a low content of fat and calories . As well as having a high protein .

3 . Fresh fruit and vegetables
For those of you ladies who often tried various tips langing , must have known that one way menjad slim by eating fresh fruits and vegetables . Japanese women do .... and you also make time to be slim .

4 . soybean
How slim is the natural feed with the substance of the soybeans . And it has become mandatory for Japanese women .

5 . Variety of food
Most Japanese people eat a wide variety of food . Even for women who are older Japan . They may eat different foods 100 days . Stars do not know his relationship with slender tips , but this method should be tried . If it fails it emang udah fat : D

6 . Healthy Breakfast
If in a country called Indonesia , the breakfast was definitely less than lunch and dinner . But unlike Japanese society . Breakfast servings Japanese women are usually much more than lunch and dinner .

But if the thought with logic . How slim is true also yes .......... Try it you imagine with an imagination :
If breakfast is the number that's a lot to work from morning to afternoon / evening . So runs fats for energy rather than stored . Well tablets if you eat a lot during the night . That's food for what ? It most mostly night time for sleep . So fat will accumulate
Oh yes if you want more extreme use how slim Japanese women . Try to eat green tea , a bowl of rice , miso soup with tofu , seaweed nori , and coupled with a little omelette , or a piece of grilled fish . It is a classic food Japanese society .

7 . eating noodles
Japanese women supposedly one of the tips slim by eating noodles . Pantes aja many different types of noodles in Japanese society . Imitate Soba , Udon , Ramen , and Somen . For Indonesian -made noodles in stars less know if it fits with the rules of how slim he he . So remember fitting buy expired food .

8 . eating rice
The last of the slender tips , is a relative Japanese women eat very little rice . They only eat two small bowls 

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