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The Rest Simply Because It Is Important!

04.09 - By Wunfi

Whose name living creature , be it human , animal , or plant whose name definitely need a break .
Why is that ?
Because of the break in the process , or what we call " sleep " all the activities that exist within our body such as muscle performance stopped , brain , and other body parts .

So every member of this body was to rest the weight of all kinds of activities that we do every day .
So for the next kebesokan can work well again , as things electronic tools , definitely need a break . If not possible, one of its components will be damaged due to overheating .

Adequate rest is indeed very important , but do not be mistaken to perform activities of sleep too long , because it can actually cause your body to become weak .
Why is that ?
Because if it is too long to sleep , our bodies become weak and vulnerable to disease .
It was caused because the body will move and the less auto body becomes weaker , the muscles will become sluggish and easily tired .

So try to break in moderation , do not overdo it .
For adult sizes , on average enough sleep between 7-8 hours per day .
So , try not to sleep exceeds the time limit , and also not less than the time because it also would not be good for the body .

Okay , now we know why it was important enough rest .
Hopefully useful for the readers ...

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