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Tips-Health Tips Health is a state where we are not experiencing such thing as pain

04.08 - By Wunfi

Health is a state where we are not experiencing such thing as pain, disability , and weakness .
Usually when a person whose health is maintained, meaning himself under normal circumstances .
Nothing happened to hurt him any .
Why is health so important ?

Because if a person is in an unhealthy state , it will interfere with the performance of the process itself.
It's hard to eat , sleep , work , etc. ..
So, I think that the health of a subject matter that we must have as well as we have to eat because of hunger , and we need to be healthy because we have to beraktfitas .

Adapaun here Tips - Tips for maintaining health itself , namely :

diligent Exercising
Eat a healthy diet
Adequate rest
Living a Healthy Lifestyle correct
Smile ( smile can also help keep your immune system )

Perhaps there are many more tips to maintain our health , depending on each person each of us .
There are just enough to eat and sleep his body healthy , but also there that require additional supplements such as vitamins that the body more healthy .

So what do you think ? ?
What is health important?
Please Leave your comments and if you want to ask about health problems can also here .

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