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Type of Food That Can Make White

04.10 - By Wunfi

Healthy Living Tips On post this time will share tips about 6 Foods That Can Make White

In day-to- day lifestyle of the beautiful and handsome face is a desire of every human being . Especially for women , has a white face , a clean , soft , smooth and bright is damban every woman .

But to make your skin as it is not so easy , but not too hard . Its obviously a very influential from the food you consume every day . This is according to experts of Miami Dermatology Leslie Baumann , MD , which is taken from . According to good nutrition is the basis or foundation for healthy skin . Therefore you need to know what foods are beneficial to skin health .

Here below are some foods that can help make your skin clean white according to Leslie Baumann , MD :

1 . tomatoes
Research results showed that participants with eating tomatoes as much as five teaspoons of lycopene-rich tomato paste every day for three months had 25 % more protection against sun exposure . In addition , tomatoes are also foods that can make the skin have more kolegen to prevent sagging skin .
2 . strawberries
According Segelasnya strawberries are 130 % vitamin C , which is a strong substance to increase spending kolegen fiber . Kolegen itself serves to help keep the skin soft and stable . The more vitamin C is consumed , the more little lines that appear on the skin
3 . Salat leaves
Every six leaves prayers will contain 100 % of vitamin A. Vitamin A serves to rejuvenate the skin by increasing cell turnover . In addition , prayer leaves also contain potassium which can add to the substance of the skin and increase the absorption of oxygen by improving the blood flow .
4 . eggs
Eggs contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin substance , which serves to prevent skin damage from ultraviolet rays . In addition, the eggs can also make the skin softer , tense and damp .
5 . Epal
Epal fruit skin contains a lot of Quercetin , Antioxsida which serves to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays that can make skin kanser enactment .
6 . Soya
Soya is a food rich in Avon Soya common Isofl called with aglycone like tempeh . A study says that twitch skin smooth and tension will increase when women over the age of 30 to 40 years . Therefore, multiply the consumption of soy every day .

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